Elite Chauffeur Training
Course Content
Module 1: Introduction to Chauffeur training
Module 2: Health and Safety
Module 3: Driver Safety
Module 4: Driving Etiquette
Module 5: Confidentiality and Ethics
Module 6: Client Contact
Module 7: Trouble Shooting
Module 8: Administrative Requirements
Module 9: Car Care
Module 10: Orientation
Module 11: Course Summary

Detailed Insight
The chauffeur training course mirrors the driver training course in many respects with the emphasis in each module being on the specific requirements of chauffeurs.

The additional Module: Trouble Shooting, teaches chauffeurs how to deal with most eventualities in a calm and pro active manner.

With 25 years experience in the chauffeur industry the directors have designed this course to give chauffeurs the confidence and knowledge to apply themselves to their daily duties and become competent and professional chauffeur drivers.